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War On Women

by War On Women

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Just like the virgin queen with foreign kings proposing I forget to breathe. I wonder what I really owe my beloved country Sacrifice these needs for the good of many Who benefits from a leader, a lover, stuck ruling all her enemies If I leave I’ll come back in one piece I’ll come running through enemy lines Never mind who decides, they’re all enemies Just like a martyr, to be forced to stop Might ease me through that of which I know not And are you innocent in all of this, Good Samaritan? Stand by, bystander, or make the whole world one green dot If you hear this ballad, then I must be on my way Don’t believe them when they say, “I don’t need you”
Daddy, Daddy if I was raped would you wanna know where I walked? Would you wanna know what I wore? Would you wanna know who he was? What if I was 30 or 12? What if I had one drink? If the victim is your daughter, does that complicate the blaming? We will no longer be silent! Speak up, let your voice be heard Dissenters drown in a sea of truth and our healing will cover the Earth Say it! Say it! I was raped
I’ve given all the blood I can spare It’s coming out my cunt, running down my hair But these last few pints are mine Proof that I lived at one time Faultable Female Form Even objects get mad. Done up like a painted bird It’s a self-imposed Stockholm Syndrome And when I apply my fave lipstick is it for me or for your dick? He didn’t want me to want it, but to convince me I needed it. He is Bob, eager for fun; he wears a smile, everybody run Even objects go mad I know what I want, I know what I need And you say faultable, but I say there’s nothing wrong with me
You’re the kinda bitch that seeks to divide Yeah, but I’m the kinda bitch that seeks to unite You can’t see the allies for the trees You wanna get every man on his knees Hey, I’m here; A shoulder to cry on We’re all so proud of you for putting yourself first You can’t take a class on class Your doctorate don’t mean shit We all want a safer space You’re gonna have to fucking roll with it Hey! Hey! We’re all, we’re all woman You would do well to remember just how fluid is gender You’re a relic of the second wave, and we’ve waved goodbye Feel your feelings. Use your words. Have you been oppressed too? Don’t worry, I’m here for you Hey! Hey! We’re all, we’re all woman If you’re gonna cry then I wanna be there If you’re gonna leave then I wanna be here If you’re gonna stay then I’m gonna be here The seed, when it feeds, with its teeth, end the scene Lash Out! Sit In! Hey! Hey! We’re all, we’re all woman
This privilege, this right, this freedom to speak Just another pacifier meant to keep us quiet. We all know, noun before verb But talking ain’t the same as being heard “We can avoid history. We never make the same mistakes. We’re American.” Running fast and for what? There's no goal The finish line keeps moving and we buy what we're told Are you a cog if they shaped the machine around you? Hate to think - what’s the grease that keeps it running smooth? One single day. One single day with nothing
Well first I guess you have to teach young people that safe sex should be pleasurable, even for women, and what consent really means Then if you can admit that emergency contraception is as safe as Advil, you can sell it over the counter and get it to the people who need it You’re missing out on half the labor force, half the creative minds, when you keep women pregnant their entire fucking lives It’s environmental, it’s economical, and truly conservative to only have children when you fucking want them I had an abortion Give us the pill!
Get off your high horse Get on the fucking floor You know what to do Yeah, I feel it, too Like something is not good enough Is it missing? Who’s in on it? Just what are they not telling you? You gotta do the work just like a dude Keep your head down. Put the time in Don’t piss off the big boss man The ground is shaking under you If the cards are stacked against you it doesn’t matter what’s in your hand And I know it’s not just this city What? Is the wage gap not big enough to get your ego through? Fuck your personal anecdotes about women making more than you Playing one of the guys, yeah it gets real tired “You can’t change it, so why fight it?” It’s time to realize that they are failing you
The same morning you told me about your religion you pulled your church white stockings up over unshaven legs You told me about nine planets, like levels of heaven You said no one would notice the hair sticking up through the nylon I saw it reach for the sun A fake future that could never end (we were so young) We just wanted to start a band We broke up and next thing you were dead I never said goodbye, still there’s nothing to regret Would you be married with kids? Still live in Tennessee? Would you hate this band I’m in, or understand what it means? I had a beer with Beth and you never came up It makes me feel ugly how easy forgetting was I saw you reach for the sun And still there’s nothing to regret We were so young I see you, fiery redhead I will not soon forget
Something stinks in this delivery room And it’s G.O.P.-you I bet you eat meat, too You’d rather see women die on the floor But you can’t be pro-life unless your anti-death penalty and anti-war Yeah, I see you got your values straight And you’re quick to regulate what goes on inside my womb Once that baby’s outta there, leave it up to fate No breaks for the working poor Corporations made you their whore Fuck women, fetuses mean more I see you got your values straight And you’re quick to regulate And if you’re gay, they’ve got the cure No congressman can get pregnant. Women know what’s best for women
She’s walking up from the back of the bus Bleached blonde, hood up Metal hot from the sun long set He’s shaking from fear, stinking of sweat We need you now Diana To show us what we can do ourselves We pray to you Saint Diana Give us the strength to seek revenge with our blood soaked hands You don’t express what you feel You don’t do what you think It is you that is lacking It’s you that are weak Torture is a waste of time You are no brother of mine Shallow graves and stolen lives It makes me laugh that you’re scared of being punished for your crimes So many women dead, it’s hard to count But now our numbers grow. We hunt the men who know. “Creen que porque somos mujeres somos debiles y puede ser que si solo hasta cierto punto pues aunque no contamos con quien nos pueda defender y tenemos la necesidad de trabajar hasta altas horas de la noche para mantener a nuestras familias ya no podemos callar estos actos que nos llenan de rabia, mis companeras y yo sufrimos en silencio pero ya no podemos callar mas, fuimos víctimas de violencia sexual por choferes que cubrían el turno de noche de las maquilas aquí en Juárez y aunque mucha gente sabe lo que sufrimos nadie nos defiende ni hacen nada por protegernos por eso yo soy un instrumento que vengara a varias mujeres que al parecer somos débiles para la sociedad pero no lo somos en realidad somos valientes y sino nos respetan nos daremos a respetar por nuestra propia mano, las mujeres juarenses somos fuertes” Women of Juarez, I understand if you want to immigrate or you choose to make due Women of Juarez, if you take up arms to kill the men who want to kill you, we salute you. We salute you We are not weak, we are brave It’s you who should be afraid


Baltimore’s War On Women were born screaming—at the world, at the status quo, in the face of oppression. Riff-fueled manifestos are nothing new for War On Women. The co-ed feminist punk troupe has been tackling injustice one song at a time since their 2010 inception. Storming out the gate with teeth gnashing and spitting venom, War On Women’s self-titled 2015 debut crossbred riot grrrl ferocity with the nimble aggression of thrash. Hailed for their crystalline jabs at societal ills, War On Women prove that hardcore can incite change that ripples far beyond the parameters of the stage.


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released February 10, 2015


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War On Women Baltimore, Maryland

War On Women is a co-ed feminist hardcore-punk band. Formed in Baltimore, MD in 2011.


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